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Solutions Architect

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We are looking for a Solutions Architect at Parse who is a software engineer passionate about mobile apps, open source projects, APIs, and helping people solve highly technical issues. Here at Parse, we pride ourselves on giving excellent support to our vibrant community of developers using our platform.

In this role, you’ll have a huge positive impact on our customers. In addition, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of innovative mobile applications and the people who build them. We have official support for iOS, Android, and REST, and our community continues to make extensions for dozens of languages. If you love to tinker with the latest and greatest mobile tech, this is the job for you!


  • Resolve and prioritize support tickets
  • Provide advice for building mobile apps the right way
  • Help with troubleshooting apps and finding the root cause for issues
  • Deeply understand all parts of the Parse platform
  • Building tools to make support better and more efficient Improve and write documentation and tutorials
  • Work closely with all the teams to make Parse better


  • You should have experience as a software engineer
  • Have a passion for helping and teaching developers with real-world problems
  • Have background with developing mobile and web applications (iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Javascript)
  • Excellent communication skills

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Solutions Architect at Parse




San Francisco, CA, US




Mar 28, 2012