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Sr. Development/Operations Engineer

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  • Significant programming experience in Python, Ruby, JavaScript. Core Java development is a plus.
  • Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining large-scale software applications.
  • Real-time failover principles, processes and architectures
  • Ability to debug programs from an iPhone/Android
  • Systems monitoring, alerting and analytics - familiar with 3rd party ALM solutions.
  • Developing best practices for deployment (e.g. HA, DR) and maintenance (e.g. expanding file-system, cluster recovery etc.)
  • Understand where and how to scale mainly using Public Cloud Services
  • Assist engineering triaging customers deployments, performance issues, debugging the full application life cycle
  • Maintain linux packages and recipes for automated installers (chef,puppet)
  • Document and/or provide input to documentation and white papers
  • Driven, focused self-starters who take ownership of their work


  1. A good systems analyst, knowledge with various systems and topologies. Understanding the whole system and it's working components and dependencies.
  2. Cloud technologies knowledge and orientation.
  3. A good developer, knowledge of various languages. Java mainly. (Python/Ruby are nice to have)
  4. A good IT engineer, knowledge of various OSs, networks, FW, and protocols
  5. A good DBA, knowledge of various SQL/NO-SQL DBs. Oracle and MySql mainly.
  6. Good knowledge of ALM processes and methodologies, especially agile ones.
  7. Delivery oriented, making things happen

To apply, email your resume to michele.remondelli@vonage.com

Sr. Development/Operations Engineer at Vonage




Holmdel, NJ, US




Dec 21, 2012