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Creative Intrepid DevOps Engineer

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Puppet vs. Chef vs. Rightscale templates. (Is there a way to do better?) New Relic stats, Pingdom, Nagios and Cacti. Zero-downtime releases. Finding better ways to aggregate data and provide crystal-clear systems visibility. (Syslog, Splunk, something else?) Interested? If so, please read on. . .

Temboo is a small, solid start-up full of smart people who love to learn from each other, and are motivated by a larger sense of a purpose. We're changing the way code gets written, and removing barriers to creating amazing software. By building tools that work with the cloud, we make it possible for developers to focus on the 'what' and 'why' of app invention while we take care of the 'how.' Our intelligent code snippets called Choreos are instantly deployable, updatable, modular and scalable. They make playing with APIs simple, and implementing otherwise time-consuming and technically difficult processes (like handling authentication) nearly automagical.

We're looking for an entrepreneurial, technically deep Senior DevOps Engineer to join our ops team, and play a central role in building our fast-growing infrastructure. We're looking for a smart, creative individual with a fierce dedication to making things happen, who shares our commitment to innovation and pushing the technical envelope. Our platform is heavily cloud-based with supporting datacenter systems; our clustered server architecture is built to scale on demand, and we handle millions of job-executions, transactions and log messages per day. Some of the technologies in our stack include Hadoop, GlusterFS, memcached, Jetty and HAProxy. We rely on our ops team to make key design recommendations and to provide a scalable, reliable 24x7 environment.


  • Designing and building our Cloud Platform.
  • Playing a key role in the specification, design and implementation of significant projects
  • Working independently on projects while interacting with our product and dev teams
  • Understanding the big picture of how our systems work together, identifying points of friction and finding creative, effective solutions
  • Taking direct responsibility for the reliability of our environment, including participating in a 24x7 call rotation
  • Contributing to reviews to improve our dev/ops team practices
  • Doing hands-on coding/debugging of scripts, systems configuration, etc.
  • Actively researching and recommending new technologies


  • 4+ years professional Linux system administration experience
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal; comfortable presenting ideas
  • Excellent at teamwork and coordinating with team members both inside ops and beyond
  • Deep technical acumen, covering systems, storage, network, service automation, data centers and configuration management systems.
  • Strong scripting and networking experience
  • Experience managing datastore clusters such as Hadoop, Cassandra, or GlusterFS
  • Past startup or late-startup experience
  • Open-minded, flexible, eager for new challenges, a team player. A sense of humor.

It's hard to say "you have to have the above qualifications," because we value a great talent/cultural fit more than any specific degrees. If the job tempts you and you think you can ace it, holler!

Our company culture promotes individual contribution, innovation, excellence, and the belief that work should also be fun. We offer competitive compensation, a casual office environment, and respect for individual contribution and autonomy. We're looking for people who have interests outside of work as well, so don't let that side project/superhero alter-ego get in the way of getting in touch.

Does this sound like you? If so, there may be a place for you at Temboo. Send us your resume and a cover letter. Tell us the coolest thing you built in the last two years. Email us and include "DevOps Engineer" in the subject line.

Creative Intrepid DevOps Engineer at Temboo








Jan 24, 2013