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Sr. Software Engineer - PHP

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Our ideal candidate is someone actively engaged in software development communities, Open Source projects or projects of their own; where coding in collaboration with other engineers is a necessity. The principles of Agile development, coding standards, unit testing, documentation and communication are second nature to the individual we seek.

If you have background writing PHP code for Frameworks, CMS, Data Analysis Systems, Documentation Control Systems, white-labeled services or APIs, then Mashery wants to meet you! If in your view, good software design should never be sacrificed for deadlines, and using well-known accepted design patterns is a requirement, then Mashery wants to meet you! If you describe yourself as a Software Engineer and not a web developer, Mashery wants to meet you!

At Mashery we value work ethic, experience and productivity over all else. While we love Computer Science degrees, equivalent work experience with a demonstrated ability to deliver is just as good. We strive for work life balance in one of the best working environments in the country! Our engineers are happy, enjoy camaraderie and work life balance rarely found in other engineering environments.

About Mashery

For six years Mashery has had a front row seat to the exploding Web API movement. With over 150 brands, hundreds of APIs, 160,000+ developers, and over 50,000 active applications running on Mashery-powered APIs, we are the market leader in providing API management technology and services. Our diverse client portfolio includes companies such as Best Buy, New York Times, Netflix, Expedia, TED, and YellowPages. We have real customers, real revenue, and a very real product, all developed by a talented and passionate team at one of the ‘Best Places to Work in the Bay Area.’

San Francisco location

We’re conveniently located on Market Street in downtown San Francisco, a half-block from BART and Muni. Our team works hard and is very committed to Mashery, but we also understand that “having a life” is crucial to all of our success.

*Mashery is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, military/veteran status, or any other status protected by Federal or State law or local ordinance.

Agency Recruiters Take Note:
Please do not spam us with unsolicited candidate resumes.
Unless you have a fully executed agreement with us, we will consider them a gift.
Do not send resumes to any of the executives.*

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Sr. Software Engineer - PHP at Mashery




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San Francisco, CA, US




Nov 08, 2012