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We’re looking for a skilled and passionate developer to help us build, operate and scale the Heroku API. As a member of the API team your mission is to support the work of millions of developers as they interact with the Heroku platform. Typical tasks include:

  • Design: Specify end-user APIs, consider HTTP status codes, versioning, pagination, HATEOAS and other API design aspects.
  • Refactor: Make code better. Delete code. Move logic to other components using distributed architectures.
  • Operations: Write automated tools to operate our API, run incident simulations, optimize specific endpoints.

Interested candidates should have a solid understanding on the following:

  • Ruby and web frameworks like Sinatra and Rails
  • SQL and ORMs like ActiveRecord and Sequel
  • Postgres, Redis, Memcache
  • Caching strategies

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with distributed architectures
  • Experience profiling and optimizing systems
  • Knowledge in refactoring patterns
  • Startup experience

When applying, include as many of the following as possible:

  • A link to your Github account
  • Two or three code snippets that you think represent your coding style
  • Brief description of your skills, passions, and work style
  • Link to your blog and/or other personal/hobby apps you’ve built

About Heroku

Heroku is a thriving start-up owned by Salesforce.com, based in SOMA, San Francisco. Our work environment is fun and flexible while also ruthlessly focused on technical excellence and customer success. Our growing group offers lots of opportunities for hyper talented, self- motivated, no-drama and no-nonsense individuals who share our belief that cloud architectures are dramatically changing web application development and deployment, and want to be part of the vanguard of this movement.

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San Francisco, CA, US




Nov 16, 2012