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API Expert

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Gracious Eloise

We need a hard-working engineer to help us build an intuitive API around our QuillTech™ handwriting replication software, support other developers in using our API, and integrate print partner and mailing partner API’s directly into our backend processes. The applicant for this position needs to have strong communication skills and a professional presence, as well as confidence to interface with clients in technical support instances. Ability to travel in cases of large integration projects is a plus. You should have experience with Strong understanding of REST conventions and implementation in Ruby on Rails; Ability to design clean, straightforward, intuitive REST APIs; Strong documentation and communication skills; Experience using various third party APIs; Familiarity with Java and Servlets

Things you might work on: Creating an asynchronous API for rendering notes; Integration with Facebook, Twitter or Google; Contact Import from CRM platforms; Printer status integration; etc.

A bit about Gracious Eloise:

We are a venture-backed, lean, New York City-based start-up striving to solve difficult technical problems concerning handwriting replication. Our goal is to integrate digital handwriting technologies and applications into every household, and to change the face of graciousness worldwide. We are looking for intellectual, organized, problem-solving, out-of-the-box innovators to join our passionate team.

What we need:

You should want to build an app from the ground up through the use of clear, concise, and communicative code, and believe in behavior/test-driven development. You should feel comfortable pitching in wherever needed and believe technology should be secondary to choosing the best tools to make our customers happy. You must be eligible to work in the United States and would be able to work either in NYC or remotely.

Our stack:

  • Ruby on Rails (MRI Ruby), Backbone.js, HAML, SASS, Resque
  • JRuby, Java, and Mathematica
  • Amazon EC2 and Heroku
  • Postgres, MySQL, and Amazon RDS
  • Rspec, Cucumber

Skills we are looking for:

  • Ruby/JRuby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • Javascript, especially jQuery
  • Mathematica
  • Algorithm design
  • Image processing and manipulation
  • System admin for Amazon EC2
  • Monit
  • Postgres, MySQL, Amazon RDS
  • API Development
  • Mobile Development

To apply, email jobs@graciouseloise.com with:

  • A cover letter explaining what interests you about the company and the position
  • An example or link to work that you’ve completed and are proud to call your own
  • Resume (attached in a .pdf or .doc format)
  • Your email should be titled with the job you are interested in, written clearly, and in proper English

API Expert at Gracious Eloise




New York City, NY, US




Oct 26, 2012