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API Fanatics (Engineering, Marketing, Sales)

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3scale Inc.

APIs are becoming the driving force behind radical new ways of delivering content, offering services and powering apps - transforming the Web as we know it. At 3scale our company mission is to help make this transformation happen by making it easier and safer for companies and individuals to publish and operate APIs and for developers to consume them.

3scale is one of the leading API infrastructure providers, now powering over 140 APIs for Fortune 100 companies right down to startups and non-profits.

With new APIs launching every month, we have exciting new projects starting which will both make our existing systems more awesome as we grow and take us into new areas. Hence we're looking for great people to join the team and help make the API Web happen!

What we are looking for

We're hiring both in San Francisco/US and Barcelona/Spain in multiple disciplines (see below for specifics) but most of all:

  • You need to be genuinely passionate about APIs - making them work, getting them into people's hands and helping shape the future of the Web - either through technical innovation or by driving adoption.

  • You need to be someone who wants to help others succeed - your team, your customers, the wider world.

  • Ideally you should have had exposure to working with APIs - writing them, managing them, marketing them, selling them, writing apps for them.

Specific Positions

We're looking for team members in the following areas:

  • Engineering (backend): We're looking for experienced engineers who have built high performance web-system, in particular with high levels of concurrency and unpredictable traffic patterns. Technologies in our Web Stack include: Ruby, Rails, Event Machine, NGNIX, REDIS, C, Cassandra. Familiarity with these is highly desirable, but not an absolute requirement - more important are clear experience in building scalable systems, ability to solve hard engineering problems, attention to detail and ability to work in a team.

  • Engineering (frontend): We're looking for experienced front-end developers with the ability to cut through complexity and produce well functioning, pleasant to use interfaces. We don't expect you to be a designer, but you do need to have a good sense of
    usability and aesthetics mixed in with the ability to deliver
    interfaces. Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML.

  • Marketing: Looking for minimum 2 years experience marketing high-tech products (ideally in technology infrastructure). You need to be good at telling stories and in reaching technical / semi-technical
    audiences. Roles include both membership of a team and leadership of a team.

  • Sales: Looking for minimum 2 years experience in inside
    technical sales. You need to be excellent understanding customer
    needs, communicating solutions and have enough technical ability to
    demonstrate and explain the 3scale product. Roles include both
    membership of a team and leadership of a team.


Competitive salaries including equity.


Work with an awesome international team in an exciting field. With three offices and and great people in each, there is a lot going on. The Spanish office is in Central Barcelona with lots of open space, built in ping-pong, summer terrace and plenty of team events. If you're applying to the San Francisco office you get to help define the Perks - tell us what's important to you and help us get it right from the start!

More About Us

3scale is one of the leading API Infrastructure companies and powers over 140 APIs. Our products enable API Providers to gain operational control of their API with out of the box access control, analytics, API developer management, billing, payments and other services. The tools also help developers use these APIs to be productive. The company is committed to always providing a "free-forever" version of its service and to supporting open-source solutions wherever possible - part of enabling anyone and everybody to open and operate APIs.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and a brief email note on your motivations for applying to jobs@3scale.net. As relevant and if possible include: LinkedIn Profile, Github Profile, Stack Overflow Profile, Twitter Feed, as well as other online material you deem useful.

3scale is an equal opportunities employer.

API Fanatics (Engineering, Marketing, Sales) at 3scale Inc.




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San Francisco and Barcelona




Nov 28, 2012